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More To Love: Two NEW Health & Nutrition Products

The excitement of Market America World Conference has come early this year with two new product additions to the health & nutrition family. Say hello to Isotonix® Sexual Health for his and hers sexual wellness and VivoQuin to support immune and respiratory health.


Isotonix Sexual Health

For sexual wellness for him and her, Isotonix Sexual Health addresses sexual arousal and sexual stamina which are two big quality of life factors for both men and women. This product supports healthy libido (sexual interest and desire), sexual wellness, and helps maintain normal sexual function. The unique combination of ingredients like fenugreek, red ginseng, Tribulus terrestris, and pine bark extract (Pycnogenol®‡) allow this powerful supplement to promote normal nitric oxide, supporting normal blood flow to the genitals.* With the stresses from daily life sometimes getting in the way of doing it all, Isotonix Sexual Health may support the desire and quality of sexual well-being.



Support for immune function and respiratory health, VivoQuin’s unique formulation works with the body’s natural immune system to support a heathy immune defense. This gel capsule offers a synergistic formulation of a triglyceride form of omegas, VivoMega™†, a concentrated omega-3 fatty acid, and ThymoQuin™, black cumin seed extract oil, to provide countless benefits.

Notable benefits:

  • Clinically studied amounts to support healthy immune function
  • Supports the body’s natural defenses
  • Supports a well-balanced immune system
  • Provides support for upper respiratory health
  • Supports normal natural killer (NK) cell activity
  • Helps maintain healthy levels of C-reactive protein
  • Supports the body’s ability to balance immune and inflammatory responses


Love all that these products have to offer? Order yours now and stay tuned for more exciting product launches at the end of the month.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

‡ThymoQuin™ is a trademark of TriNutra Ltd.

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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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