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Self Love this Valentine’s Day 2022

It’s important we practice self love this Valentine’s Day, seeing as UnFranchise Owners are always working! Entrepreneurship is a full-time job, perhaps even more so than a nine-to-five. We work through the weekends, holidays, and nights as well. So for this Valentine’s Day, take some time to yourself and…

Book A Vacation

If you’re needing a moment to get away, go ahead and get your tickets to #MAWC2022 and hang around a while in Fort Lauderdale. Get your tan on, enjoy the summer-in-wintertime, and spend time with fellow entrepreneurs. Not only will you be taking a break from the work: the meetings, paperwork, and phone calls, but you’ll still be productive and networking in the meantime!

Buy Yourself Self-Care Products

self love valentines day

What have you continued to tell yourself lately – “Oh, I really need to remember to buy that”? Well, take a moment, log onto and browse the Health & Nutrition, Age Management, Skincare, or Personal care pages. Maybe you’ll find something that’s perfect for what you need right now. And guess what else? There is also a BOGO LDV item available right now, the After Sun Glow & Renew!

Go Out For Dinner Just Because

self love valentines day

Don’t forget that you can earn Cashback by simply eating foods you love – see if SHOP Local has any restaurants near you!

And if you’re still not sure how to practice self-love this Valentine’s Day, we can give you endless ideas on the blog!

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Andrea Geller

Andrea Geller


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